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slide from 2015 shedy presentation-jailing of Aset by Set

Very well done, well stated and well listed. I cannot change anything or even the way you wrote this posting.
The key, I think, is in #3) and this is critical. Indeed it is possible to progress and reach a higher level of initiation and there become deluded or comfortable or prideful in one’s accomplishments even in the attainment of virtue but then assign those to oneself seeking comfort, recognition, worldly peace or something else that supports the egoistic notions of human existence. On the quest for enlightenment there needs to be antet begag or relentlessness, which I have spoken bout previously; though this point is especially elucidated upon in the teaching of the Temple of Aset. Pointed examples of the failure to move forward as presented in the Asarian resurrection myth were when Aset was jailed, when Heru was injured, etc.; in the Teaching of Hetheru and Djehuty it is present when Hetheru fell into the delusion of becoming Sekhemit and lost consciousness of being Divine; and all of this ensued until the voice of wisdom (Djehuty) was allowed in and then there was relentless pursuit if the goal through purity of heart and lucidity of mind.
Working with the human mind it is not easy to have high intensity and Godward thoughts, feelings and perspective; at least not until there is advancement in the practice. So from time to time a diversion may be allowed to allow the mind to rest and regenerate and become readied to rejoin the practice eventually leading to constant reflection on the divine wherein recreations and diversions are no longer needed. No more crutches for the mind are necessary. So these teachings need to go from intellectual statements to intuitional experiences and that kind of lifestyle leads to lucidity and enlightenment. Therefore, keep the important teachings of this lesson in mind and recognize when there is complacency in the personality and resolve to work through it and move forward.