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Mandrake in the Setjert drink GLM - deffinition

This is a good listing and comprehensive. One correction is the name of Lord Djeuty- instead: “Djehuty”.
The Setjert also symbolizes how the human personality has become mixed up with the experiences (pleasure/pain) of life which have led to the creation and intensification of aryu that clouds the personality’s capacity to know higher truth of the self –but the Setjert includes an active ingredient: the souls of Ra, and when those souls awaken, they overtake the vicissitudes of the lower self, giving it a foci of truth and render it spiritualized.

The Setjert gives the personality a little of what it is used to, to calm it down and then stealthily infuses what it really wants but that which it cannot see due to its distractions—eventually as a seed, the souls of Ra awaken in the subtle personality and this is the rising serpent power and purifying of the seven psycho-spiritual consciousness centers that when fully awakened constitute spiritual enlightenment: Nehast or the Great Awakenting.