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Bastu Baket

Udja Shems Heryt and Shems Arit,

Dua for your posts! In reading Shems Heryt’s summary I certainly agreed with and Saa it especially while in the Temple of Heru! There on the back walls were the iconographic depictions of the struggles of Heru with a Hippo. At first the hippo was small but would grow larger and Heru would pierce it but then it would come back even larger! There was even a depiction of the hippo pushing Heru who is lying on his back. At first I found this almost comical thinking about the daily struggles we all experience shown here right before our eyes but this is a very real challenge that can be overcome as Sebai Maa has said through our daily, diligent practice of integral Shedy sublimated the fetters and using that energy toward enlightenment.

Shems Arit, If you mean did we see any iconographic images of Sema Tawi, Ny we saw many in different forms. As far as any traditional practitioners we stayed in a Nefer hotel called Per Ankh, House of Life in Abydos. It felt like home, decorated with Ankhs, hieroglyphics and two chapels one to Aset and one to Heru. Here we did our daily worships and some of the staff would come and join us. It was wonderful to see the Knumpt Nefer at work but in such an environment as Abydosjust blocks from the Temple of Asar, how could it not?

Shems Baket