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Bastu Akhu

Level 1 -Lesson 5 – Introduction to Egyptian Yoga – WB pg. 51 – 58

1. Many preachers use __exciting___methods.

2. When life humbles the aspirant it is even more important that they should do what?

It is important for an aspirant to trust the teacher who will in essence help them get through it and not reprimand them for their an-maatian actions. The teacher/preceptor is forgiving and understands the struggles of the ignorance of the Higher Self.

3. How should a spiritual aspirant think and feel about humbling themselves to the teaching and their teacher?

An aspirant should think of humbling themselves to the teachings and the teacher as a surrender to the Divine. Surrender in the sense of giving up one’s unrighteous ways (egoism) for wisdom and truth. This is done by having faith and trust in the teacher and the teachings. The teacher is a conduit of the Divine in time and space and an aspirant should honor and respect them for the privilege to be led by them on the spiritual path. In doing so an aspirant should support their teacher mentally, physically and spiritual by supporting and being a devotee of the teachings/path exemplified through Divine Love. Devotion to the teacher is devotion to the Divine.

4. You must attempt to never lose your temper in the presence of the preceptor and never treat the preceptor unrighteous or with resentment.

5. In Kamitan spirituality there is more focus on the Divinity as opposed to the personality of the preceptor.