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Bastu Akhu

Udja Dinah,

DUA for sharing your struggles as I have also had and have my share and I’m sure our other classmates have as well. Seba Dja had in a previous lesson talked about having ‘tools’ available and ready when times like these arises. If I find the exact post I will share it. One of my ‘tools’ are printed proverbs, affirmations etc. I tend to post them up in different parts of my environment as a constant reminder of the goal of life, Nehast. It also provides spiritual strength which I am gradually noticing – even though in small increments. Here’s one of my favorites that helps remind me to practice patience, persistent and forgiveness with my self all at the same time…

“Learn to see clearly, learn to wish for what is just, learn to dare what your conscience dictates
learn to keep your intentions a secret, and if, despite all your efforts, today bring no more than yesterday, DO NOT LOSE COURAGE, but continue steadfastly, keeping your goal before you with DETERMINATION. Onward! The SEVEN COMPANIONS of the SOUL – the planetary spirits-guard the secret key which locks the past and open the future. Let your efforts be aimed at the CROWN of the MASTER” – Ancient Egyptian Proverbs book by Sebai