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Arit Neter S

Audio Recordings
102AA- Introduction to The Kemetic Diet-Ancient wisdom for modern health

The Main Teachings brought out in the lecture:

Mettu: Vascular System
Crucial to keep all pathways clear. clogging, blocks, aneurysms, obstructions, clots, constipation, doubts, fears, etc.
There is only ONE SOURCE of disease and illness. UKERU
Disease is a process that obstructs the vascular system.
anything that is usually freely flowing and is now blocked.
Body Toxicity is due to unrighteousness.
I was listening to the audio lecture for lesson 2. At 7:42 am, my alarm went off for me to do my meditation about My Eight Streams of Income. (I have good health in most areas except for financial. which is connected to sefkhet aritu [root chakra] and holding onto past trauma, etc.) During the audio lecture on the vascular system flourishing, I had an impromptu vocabulary lesson, which led to the birth of a new song about my eight streams of income, and anything that needs to be flowing.
Here is the song
and the lyrics and translation. DUA!!! (need to make a better recording, but here is the original; trusting Sesheta on pronunciation…)
VISUALIZE that my 8 Streams of Abundance/Prosperity/Income are FLOURISHING. OVERflowing Into my Oceanic Reservoir,
Nile River is overflowing into the Sea. Bloodstream, Meridians, Oxygen, Chakras, Sekhem, all flowing with ease and grace.

Hetep Di Si Neter Iri Mettu Wadj. “Peace offering is made to propitiate that God may make the Vascular System Flourish. This is an Invocation of Health.”
Ag b Pair. Stream
Ag Aur Atru Celestial Waters; Arm of the Nile
Am Aur-t, (Dua) Nebt Aur Stream, flood, deluge; (ADORATIONS) GODDESS OF THE RIVER. THE STREAM OF THE NILE.

Nekhira, Net Asar Brook, Stream; Stream of Asar in the Duat
Netra, Hebt Khennnnnnnnnn Stream, Canal, Water House; Flood, Stream; Water Station in the Desert, Stream.
DUA Nebt Aur, Nuk Pu Nebt Aur!
Now, I use this as my meditation, each day my alarm goes off and I sing this song, or play it in background. I visualize any blocks in my flow being removed. I also call on Anpu. If it is not already plugged in, I activate my Amethyst Crystal Water Fountain.

Back to the recording…
Some tools that I use for removing Blocks:
KemeTones: Cosmic Sound Healing!
Replacing Negative Thoughts with Positive Thoughts.
Ra Sekhi (Kemetic Reikhi)
Living Journal
The Kemetic Diet is another tool for removing blocks in our system.
Tjef Neteru. Amun Uaa, Physical Movement (Dance, Swimming, Running, Hiking)

Life Process: a process that produces life. The Ankh, a symbol of life is a cross (time and space) and a circle (that which is Eternal). The Unity of Male and Female which produces new life.
Poisons that produce Ukheru: causes the destruction to process of life.

Un Em Ka Un (papyrus): “food for the mind is righteous everlasting word”
The Eye of Heru: opens awareness to the Divine Nature. This is the desire of the Soul.
Spiritual Disease: when you cannot find fulfillment even when successful
“If you kill what you eat, what you eat will kill you.”
Daily Uaa: Once the Vision has been activated by my Sekhem, then I can experience the flow, be in the Flow.
I take consistent action each day in each of the streams
Goddess of the Stream, Goddess of the Springs, Goddess of the Babbling Brook; Goddess of the EIGHT STREAMS.
I visualize how the water bursts forth from deep below the surface of the earth, and becomes a babbling brook or a spring, that grows into a stream that flows into a river that flows into the sea.
I also include my FireStory, because during this experience, I become one with the Water.
In this video, I also sing a new chant to Tefnut that just came to me while I was fighting the fire….I borrowed the melody from another tradition, but with a fire right across the street, and threatening to ignite on my yard any moment, I thought the first thing that came through would be best….

To wrap this up, and to answer numbers 2-4,
I have become the Water. I am moving into the flow. I am One with the Flow. I have been writing more music about the water. These chants helped me when my neighborhood was on fire, and my home was in danger of catching on fire as well. This experience will be with me always. I leaned more about Tefnut, The Goddess of Water and Moisture, who is also the Lady of the Flame. I received a Sekhmet statue from Kemet. (Dua to Shems Baket for finding Her and bringing safely to Turtle Island (US) and sending yo Her new home…)
I feel that my connection to the Cosmic Forces associated with Healing, Fire, Water, Vascular Systems, Meridians, all of this, has been enhanced and intensified since I began working on this lesson. I can see and feel myself coming into my power more each day. My life is overflowing with knowledge, wisdom, cosmic forces, abundance, love, appreciation and gratitude. Even appreciation for my Self, which is new. I cannot even write everything down. Two of my streams were activated during this time as well. I hope that you can hear in the music and in my story.

Dua Sebai Maa. Dua Seba Dja. Hetep

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