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Lesson 4, Intro to SN by Dja -conference 2008 part 1

List the important themes presented

• Het Neter is the temple of Aset
• Sacred space brings us back to our nature; everyone is an essence of divine. Creating a sacred space is important and doesn’t necessary have to take place in the temple of asset. We can create it in our home space
• We are all brothers and sister
• Serjet – Formula to heal and restore
• If you focus on worldly things that’s all you will receive. If you focus on the divine it will take you past that,
• 2 types of wisdom – intuitional and intellectual
• Shetaut Neter was practiced in Egypt
• The teachings are about are about secret hidden divinity (supreme beings)
• Lower mysteries – intellectual knowledge
• Higher mysteries Intutional knowledge
• Cultural differences between western traditions
• Myth-Ritual-Mystisicm
• What is Neterianism and the founder Lord Kephri
• Our divine lineage
• 4 great truths of Shetaut Neter
• Neterian Creed – Nehast, Ariu , Fetters of Set
• Anthrop Morpic – Zoo Morphic- Iconography
• Shedy discipline
• Importance of integral Yoga

Explain what most impressed you the most in this presentation

I like the talk on the powerful potion Serjet and how Blood represents worldly desires. Beer worldly pleasures and mandrake Ra – peace that comes through self. Also the story behind it and how it connects to us all in a powerful way.