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Lesson 4, Level 1 Reading Book Assignment Pages 35-50

Why is keeping the company of the wise important?

Its helps to keep the aspirant in the development of awareness and reflection of the teachings, it also helps the aspirant to face worldly minded people on their journey.

How should a spiritual aspirant think about good association and what actions should they take to insure they will receive and benefit from it?

An aspirant should think about good association as important part of their journey and taken seriously towards Nehast. Insuring they keep good company with wise teacher, who will correct aspirants, journey positively. As a result purification of the mind and body and understanding the teachings, are extremely important. Wise teachers lead you to greater awareness.

What food does the preceptor provide?

The food that the preceptor provides is pure wisdom and teachings.
When can you as the aspirant choose the disciplines which suit your personality?
When the aspirant is purified and ready, to become a good student. The aspirant will be able to recognise or choose the right discipline suited for their personality ready for integration.

Who is a teacher A true teacher? A true teacher is one who lives the teachings

Who is Sebai?

Sebai is a spiritual Preceptor.

Where was the largest priesthood?

In the Temples of Amun, Asar, Ra, Net Aset, and Hetheru

The role of a teacher? The teacher makes him or herself a conduct and an instrument for the divine through which the Divine may enlighten others when ready.