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Bastu Akhu

Lesson 4 – Video Assignment – Intro to SN by Dja -conference 2008 part 1 1:00:47

List the important themes presented

1. Sacred Space- A sacred space (Kemet) is created where the teachings of our Ancestors are lived. A sacred space is needed to facilitate immortal and Divine Gods and Goddesses in finding or unveiling their true nature through nurturing and healing that come from the practice (living) of the wisdom teachings.

2. Degradation – The GLM story of Hetheru and Lord Djeuty tells of the human condition and how degraded one can become due to ignorance of true self. Hetheru, the great Goddess, the Eye of Ra came into the world and in her forgetfulness of her true nature did not recognize her brother and was ready to kill him when he came to bring her home to Kemet.

3. Setjert – Blood (intoxication with worldly desire/egoism), Beer (intoxication with worldly pleasure-ignorance) and Mandrake (infused with light (Ra)) formula that Lord Djeuty gave Hetheru to heal her. It made her become aware of her true essence. Even though egoism and ignorance is present in the unenlightened human personality, adding mandrake to it leads to expanded consciousness and awareness of one’s true essence/ Nehast.

4. Illusion/reality – if only illusion is experienced it becomes ones only reality, meditation allows one to experience another reality. The transcendental reality that allows for intuitional wisdom.

5. Shetaut Neter – Authentic Kemetian African Religion (Myth, Ritual, Mysticism –oneness with the Divine) that teaches about the Supreme Being. It’s a spiritual path that leads to enlightenment. Those who follow this path are Neterians (Shemsu Neter).

6. Neterian Beliefs/Creed – Four great truths of Shetaut Neter is the foundation and sums up practices of Shedy disciplines for spiritual enlightenment. Maat philosophy is key. The most important scriptures are the Prt M Hru and the Hessi Amun. The most important myth is the Asarian resurrection.

6. Divine Lineage – Founder of Neterianism is Lord Khepri, gave teachings to Lord Djeuty who codified it and disseminate it to Aset, Asar and Hetheru. Asar disseminate teachings to Heru and Priest and Priestesses who gave it to us. Everyone is a part of this linage because we are linked by Sehkem ( the life force energy) to the Divine and each other.

7. Practice of Shetaut Neter– There’s 2 aspects 1. Universal (everyone is divine) 2. Cultural -“Africa will not be free until its leaders pray to African God/Goddesses without Apology” John Henry Clarke. The study of teachings is to reclaim African philosophy, culture, spirituality and civilization. The practice itself is done through the Shedy disciplines of devotion, meditation, action and the wisdom teachings.

Explain what impressed you most in this presentation

Knowing that the mandrake formula used by Lord Djeuty in the GLM story is not only what we get at conferences, khnum nefer etc. but is also what we infuse in our daily lives through the Shedy disciplines. Eventually the mandrake, the light will overtake us and destroy egoism and ignorance and we become the light itself, one with God and attain Nehast /enlightenment. This is accomplished through enlightening all four aspects of the personality (emotions, intellect, selfless service and will power) through Integral yoga.

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