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Arit Neter S

Udja Shems Heryt! Uben Nefer, Nehast!
You are probably still unpacking from your recent journey to Kemet with the Temple. Shems Baket tells me that Sekhmet will be here tomorrow!!!

Did you see any signs of Sema Tawi while you were there? Did you meet any traditional practitioners?

“It is clear that the only way out of the struggle is to practice the teachings in its pure form, as developed by the ancient Sages of Kemet. What does it mean to practice the teachings in its pure form? Sebai explained that the practice of Sema Tawi must be in line with the traditional teachings of Kemet, which in turn is in line with Universal Truth. As Sema Tawi is the parent philosophy to all of the world religious and philosophical practices, there is no need to add anything outside the spiritual tradition of Kemet.”

I am still dealing with this issue, as I see all cultures as coming from Kemet, I am still connected to many indigenous teachings and practices. Each culture believes theirs is the best, or the only one that can work. I can understand the desire for purity, but not understanding how the line is being drawn. I am mixed, but I do not see myself as impure because of this. If Kemet had been allowed to flourish, the teachings would have reached every corner of this earth. Peacefully, and practiced openly. the teachings would have been kept in tact, however, I feel that each area would have its own unique “flavor”. If it is in alignment with Universal Truth, then it more than likely emanated fro Kemet, just a different time and space.I feel that the indigenous cultures, that predate Christianity, some aspects of them are designed to keep a light being in tune with the earth, grounded, and able to deal with the material realm. I see the original cultures as bridges that can connect pockets of consciousness rather than entities to further divide and separate. I read somewhere in the teachings where it says that every culture that comes into contact with Asar and the teachings experiences expansion or something like that. In my humble opinion, these indigenous peoples are nations that were introduced to the teachings during the travels of Asar, and now, we are all being brought together. However, due to so much brainwashing, it will be challenging to get them to see the connection to Africa and to Kemet.