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Arit Neter S


U. That previous answer was for the foreword. This is the response for the Preface, Level 2, Lesson 1 reading Assignment.

I have songs for much of this chapter, and will post when the recordings are ready.

Early Beginnings: Kemet was first and is oldest civilization to have complete religious system, with 3 stages, myth, mysticism, and

All three major world religions, the ones that murdered innocent people for having indigenous or their own with or way of life, and still continue this practice to this day, developed from Kemet. Yet to this day, they continue to deny this fact.

All who subsequently came into contact with these teachings saw direct improvement in all areas of life.

Long History. Evidence proves this culture to be at least 10,000 years old. Sebai Maa has laid out the path to follow for those wanting to practice Shetaut Neter and build up this faith worldwide.

Where was this practiced? SAIL UP THE NILE.

Ancient Origins: No matter where or how you say it, it all means BLACK. Kemet, Khamit, Kush, Nubia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Negro! Black as the soil. Black as Night. Black Land. Blackness, Sacred darkness. Black as the Sacred Darkness, which gives BIRTH to the Light.

This way of life, this religion was practiced from then until now, 65,000 BCE. Before any other cultures, before India, before any other civilization that you can name.

Here is a song that I recorded back in 1999, before I knew about Shetaut Neter. But it explains it pretty well: I often wonder about the word Rastau and Rasta. Ta Fari. Nebedjer.

Jah Rastafari is Universal.

Smai Tawi and Shetaut Neter are teachings and practices centered around the Cosmic Forces. Disciplines and techniques for the purification of the personality and the heart, leading to fulfillment peace and enlightenment, Nehast. Becoming One with the Divine.

Neterianism: Revealing, and becoming One with, the Divine.

When I recite the 4 Great Truths, I always get this amazing feeling as if I have just entered into a threshold.An Maat Swy Saui Set S Khemn is my favorite.

4 Disciplines in 3 Steps. I am so grateful for the Shedy Calculator, looking forward to new developments as I bring my practice into balance. For example, sitting still long enough to complete 30 minutes of study. to balance out my 30 minutes of devotion, study and Tjef Neteru.
Right Action: just completed a music give away, well, have 6 more days/songs to go. Offered a free womb clearing day. Getting ready to launch free weekly classes, a radio show,freer weekly sound healing sessions, and free consultations. I have been given so much, it is only right to give. I am trying to not focus on the receiving, just being open to receive, give with no attachment to outcome, and no doubts or fears about how when and where the income will flow. Just trusting that it is already flowing.

I feel that I am, and have been for 28 years now, living in Harmony with Natural Life. I have not even owned a car for over 4 years. It is the world of the Balanda (Oppressive White Man/Government/Church/System etc in Aboriginal language from Australia; Babylon what the Rastas call Babylon) that causes me to spiral into a hellish state or Set. Thanks to Shetaut Neter, I have gotten much better at doing battle, both physical and spiritual battle, and getting out of that state faster, and staying out of that for longer periods of time.

I recently “developed” the Neb Medtu Uaa, well, that is what Asar Djehuty named it. I look forward to recording and sharing with the community. I left a description in the general discussion forum at this site.

I found these pieces of wood already cut like this. I want to get a Brasilian Flag Sarrong and wrap around them. Did you know that Brasil was once called Seregipe? as in Southern Egipe? And that in San Andreas, Vera Cruz Mexico, there is a place called Egipantla? with an amazing huge incredible waterfall….I have been to both p;laces, and will post the pictures one day..

Teachings: mythic, mystical and wisdom (didactic). The Neteru are Cosmic Forces emanating form the Supreme Source, Supreme Being. All paths are the One Path,and all Paths lead to the One. “Teachings of Spirituality were espoused through a temple Organization” in the family business of the enlightenment of society.

Listening to the teachings: ears should be filled with WISDOM TEACHINGS. The Wisdom of he Veteran Traditions.

Anunian: RA + Gods and Goddesses; Amun = Ra and Amuntyt = RaEt Ra leads to Nehast
Memphite: Ptah, Sekhmet and Nefertem; Gods and Goddesses are created through his THOUGHTS.
Theban: Amun Ra Mut Khonsu. 
New Kingdom brought the Goddess Tradition: Aset, Net, Sekhmet, Mut, HetHeru. Mehurt
here is the Goddess Song!
Asarian Tradition: Cities of Abdu, (Asar), Pilak (Aset), and Edfu (Heru).

Aton: dynamic life force
Akhnaton, Nefertiti and Daughters; substratum for all existence

Forces of Entropy- app return to natural state. There is nothing evil, devil or demon. Simply ignorant of the divine. unrighteous actions.

Nehast: WAKE UP! learn the ways of the Neteru emulate and become like the Neteru. Walking the earth as giants, and accomplishing great deeds. Nuk Pa Neter aah Neter Uah, a sha Ren! I am that Same God, the Supreme One who has a myriad of mysterious names.

Yoga is a way of life that leads a person to Unity, with the Higher Self and to see beyond the world of duality. A Way of life where EVERYTHING is linked to the SOURCE. That which transcends all mental and intellectual attempts at comprehension, but which is the essential nature of everything in CREATION. Yoga of Wisdom, Devotional Love, Meditation, Tantric and Selfless Action.

Teachings and practices from kemet were the same ones later written down and become the words of Indian Sages and became Gnostic Christianity before Romans arrived and Judaism before the Jews.

Yoga is a road “based on Wisdom and it leads to Health, True Happiness and Enlightenment”.
Sebai Maa