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Ancient Egyptian man and woman sitting color


A very interesting question

Ancient Egyptian society is perhaps the society in human history where there was most balance between male and female, females having same rights as males. If there was anything like “gender roles” that we might relate to modern day worldly culture it might have been the idea that women were masters of the home and men were masters of the outside, so women dictate the rules and make final decisions about the household (NebetHet) and men about the outside of the house. In spirituality the female divinities relate to Creation and Males to Spirit so both complement each other and human existence comes in from spirit through Creation into life. Beyond this brief analysis there are no gender roles as conceived of in worldly society and this is one of the reasons why Ancient Egyptian society lasted so long and without social conflict, family conflict and divorces and without despoiling nature.
A glorious legacy!
For more read the book
Sacred Sexuality by Sebai MAA