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Well done.
The meditation systems are developed for different personalities so an aspirant can choose the one that suits their personality best. When in the general group all aspirants can practice the general meditation but the personal one is enjoined for personal practice and this way does not contradict the overall spiritual practice. For level 1 studies it is enjoined to practice the Simple Basic System along with rhythmic breathing since the task at level one initiatic studies is to bring the personality to a balanced foundation from which to build towards “Shemsu udja shedy” which will occur gradually and should not be rushed. If it is rushed an aspirant can suffer “soda water enthusiasm” wherein they are excited in the beginning and then it fizzles out. That is the immature practice of religion and shedy. The advanced way is balanced (with Maat) and khnumnt nefer (following the instructions of the teacher) with patience and antet begag (perseverance)