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Highlights of Shedy


There have been many questions about the shedy practice since the Blogtalk series ended. One is about the amount of time spent in Shedy during the day
The idea starting out is that something is better than nothing and quality is better than quantity. So, The formal practice should be at least 5 minutes. In this five minutes one can read a section of text, utter a chant a few times and make a silent observance. This is what is exhorted in the daily emails. This requirement can be accomplished by reading the email and following the instructions therein.

Of course if there is more time and inclination the time can be increased accordingly and the benefits will be greater.
Now, the informal practice is next in importance; this means thinking and feeling the teaching as one goes about the daily tasks, not losing site of the teaching and getting caught up in worldly situations, relations or desires unconsciously. If this is done it is a powerful shedy movement and positive aryu creation.

Now if there is spending time in Khnumnt Nefer good association then the benefit is multiplied manifold.
Next if there is advanced success with meditation practice that is the ultimate benefit of all. BUT! An aspirant cannot move from A to D without going through B and C so starting little by little and building up is better and not doing a lot on one day then nothing for a week, etc..
Shedy should not be a burden but it can be a struggle until the battle between the ego and higher self swings to the favor of the higher self; in the meantime do a little and stealthily buildup as the ego begins to enjoy and even help to its own subjugation.