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Shems Ua Netert

Level 1 Lesson #5 Video Assignment: Intro to SN by Dja- conference 2008 part 2

2) The main themes I noticed were:

The 3-fold worship in Shetaut Neter: at morning, noon, and evening, represents the 3 different aspects of Ra.

There are 5 forms of the Neterian Meditation system, and the aspirant can choose which form to practice based on personal preference. At conferences, the aspirant is free to practice whichever meditation system is being taught. Through meditation, the aspirant experiences the transcendental self.

Ancient Kemetic temple practice involved the Offering of Maat, or truth, righteousness, and virtue. Also, devotional practice was involved in all temples.

In order to succeed, an aspirant needs to do more than study the teachings: the aspirant needs to live the teachings. The aspirant should cultivate qualities such as patience and perseverance. Good association, Knumt neter, is also important for allowing the aspirant to develop spiritually. Specifically, it is necessary to receive the teachings in the presence of the Sebai.

“Shemsu udja shedy” is the burning desire to achieve Nehast. Without shemsu udja shedy, the aspirant is inclined to wander off the path of Shetaut Neter, and Nehast will not occur. The final objective of Kemetic religion is to say “Nuk pu Nuk Asar Neter”, or “I am that I am, Asar the Divinity!”

3) What impressed me the most was the explanation of the hieroglyphs for the term “tenem.” It seems that if an aspirant is not fully focused on the goal of achieving Nehast, the aspirant might easily lose the way.