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Integral Yoga Slide with 4 disciplines pointing to oneness

“GOD’s RAYS are the guides of millions of men and women.”

One important point worthy of reiteration is the factor of the complementarity of the different aspects of the teaching. An aspirant should not stressfully or mechanically try to mathematically add up all the practices for that will not work; but rather artistically practice the fundamental teaching that applies to all, starting with the minimal time allotted. Then they can concentrate on a particular area of interest or appeal by spending additional time in that area and allowing that area to be as if a spearhead and anchor for the spiritual practice. This is done while still practicing the other basic disciplines whilst emphasizing the areas of interest.
For example: the basic disciplines are study of the teaching, devotional worship, right action and postures practice, meditation, health and hygiene. An aspirant can spend 30 minutes per day on each but they may find a special interest in say the postures, so they can add an extra 30 minutes to that aspect of Shedy disciplines while not reducing the other areas, but rather maintaining them steady. This is called Integral Practice and is a balanced, healthy way to engage the teaching that leads to gradual intensity and growing power in the spiritual journey.