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Level 1 : lesson 2 reading assignment

1. I would describe my knowledge of religion and philosophy to be like that of most westernized people. My openness and understanding of religion and philosophy broaden once I became more educated. After a class in anthropology we review religion. That class was truly the first step to my path of enlightenment. I wrote a research paper on the religious cult of Voodoo or Voudon. At that time I label myself as a Christian. So it was an eye opener to see how much Christianity (Catholic) is similar to Voodoo. The similarity was something that we would have never imagined based on what was taught to me as a child. From that day forth I knew that there was so much more that I didn’t know.
2. I believe the great obstacle in my life is myself due to my passed iri, and cultural iri.
3. The greatest need in my life is to understand who I am, where I come from, and where I am going, in the level of time and space and my spiritual level.
4. Christianity is my pervious religion. I think the Kemetic teaching relates to what I am following now. Because of what I know now I am able to have a better understanding on what message the bible was trying to relay.
5. Spirituality and religion plays a major role in my life It’s the vechile that guides me through my life journey.
6. I have had pervious Yoga instructions through the Temple of Amun with Priest Ra Tem and Priestess Amunty of Charlotte N.C. The instructions I received assured me that the path of Shatuat Neter was the right spiritual path for my quest for Nehast.
7. I’ve studied religion just briefly in my psychology courses but I wouldn’t call them advanced.
8. I see myself in a good light. I’m educated, found a life partner, own a business, and have two children. As far as my spiritual life, I need more growth in that area.
9. I feel that anything that I want to accomplish I will achieve as long as I am devoted.
10. If there is anything that I could accomplish in this lifetime it would be Nehast. I would also like to help guide people in healing their physical body naturally. I am currently educating myself on the path for both.