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Level 1, Leson 5, Video Assignment: Intro to SN, Dja 2008 onference Part 2.

Important themes:
• Three times daily practice of worship related to the different aspects of Ra.
• The Temple of Aset teaches different meditations and they compliment each other, an aspirant can pick one that resonates with them, participate in group meditations that are different than the one they pick, and continue to practice their original meditation and not experience any imbalance in their practice.
• The yoga practice is not an exercise practice it is a philosophy, the exercise is an added benefit.
• The offering of Maat was practiced in all the temples. It relates to ethics, righteous actions and how a person should act, think and speak.
• Four aspects of the Sbedy practice: listening/reflecting on the teachings, Maat (actions, thoughts, speech), devotional worship, and meditation.
• The teachings must be acted upon, not just studied and revered for success.
• Patience, determination, and good association is important in the spiritual practice.
• Burning desire, aspiration is necessary to succeed.
• Spiritual growth is a process and takes time, you can judge your progress by the improvement in your Maat practice in every day life.
• Nuk pu Nuk Asar Neter – I am that I am, Asar the Divinity.
• Books and lectures are not enough, it is necessary to have contact with the Sabai to assist one on their journey.

What impressed me most in this presentation?
The importance of my spiritual practice (all aspects of it), and the importance of instruction from the Sabai, impressed me the most. Ultimately it is my responsibility to apply the teachings, study the teachings, make time for practice, and take the wisdom the Sabai imparts to me to help me in my progress.