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Arit Neter S

Udja. Just had a fantastic Uaa session. On Mondays, I work with the Cosmic Force of Sesheta, to assist me in my organization and building my business, helping with accounting, astrology, etc. During the height/deepest moment of the meditation, I had the experience of finding a BenBen point withing myself, and I was filled with the Light of Truth, and Maat, and Nehast, and the Glory and Love of Life. Them when this wave of energy got to the point of contact with my skin, as if to say, “this is all fine and dandy within you, but what about the real world? what about your bills? and the taxes, and the tenant’s eviction? the lawsuits?”, it stopped, as if frozen with fear. Then, there was a breakthrough, like a pimple bursting open, and this energy, which came through a tunnel from the center of my brain, or maybe the BenBen point, connecting my first eye to my pineal gland, poured out from both openings, and became a protective bubble for me in the physical realm. then the phone rang and my time was up anyway.

When I was in Chicago recently, I actually did get a tiny pimple in a spot just above the pineal gland, from sleeping on a pillow that was painted with acrylic oil paint. It went away as soon as I switched to a different pillow.

Coincidence? Imagination? Whatever it is, it is a powerful visual mental technique.


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