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“Something, which we have seen in a dream,
Is the earthly side of life.”

Harper’s Song, c. 1160 BC

Very good reflections for your heart.
If you experience wakefulness in a dream –meaning you are aware you are dreaming, then you can affect the dream and be ok with whatever happens in it as you “know” it is not abidingly real. If the analogy of this reference is correctly understood, it means realizing that the waking reality is also dreamlike and fully realizing that means being free from any illusory aspect of it and not being troubled by it so much so that an alternative experience, the higher self- can be discovered.
Truly, the misdeeds of the past are all based on the error of misunderstanding what life is, what the creation is and who we really are and this is the true culprit of all sins and therefore if that is fully eradicated then the taint and fault for any misdeed is removed. This is the declaration of the teaching and so following it allows an aspirant to remove the “Monkey on the back” of guilt, regrets and sorrows from the personality and make way for peace, fulfilment and enlightenment.