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“It is not possible to give one’s Self to the body and the bodiless, things perishable and things divine. The one who has the will to choose is left the choice of one or other; for it can never be the two should meet. And in those Souls to whom the choice is left, the waning of the one causes the other’s growth to show itself.”


Very important teachings were imparted in this lesson.
Firstly: About- “willing and ready to be free” –this occurs in varying degrees. The teaching of the temple of Aset gives the example of Lady Aset who achieved advanced “Khak ab” or dispassion/detachment/renunciation” and this afforded her the fortitude and spiritual strength to seek for the highest spiritual consciousness and to achieve enlightenment. There are three levels of aspirants, the mediocre, struggling and advanced. The mediocre is a dabbler, inconsistent, shows up for class once in a while – usually when in spiritual crisis- and then goes about their business when times are “good”. The struggling is sincere but caught in the entanglements and distractions of the world; the advanced or lucid sustains the duties of life but with a spirit of dedication to the divine in thought word and deed; maintaining ever-present the wisdom of the teaching and not allowing the muck of the world to interfere with their attention to the divine even when they are tending to family, work or personal needs, etc. The “will” in the “willing and ready to be free” occurs in relation to the spiritual maturity (freedom from distractions based on worldly delusions as these create conflict, angst, worldly yearnings and erroneous understandings about life and the nature of self that keep a person engaged and seeking fulfilment in the world of time and space and thwarts the spiritual movement.
Indeed, in this process an aspirant needs to strive to maintain a positive frame of mind even when there is failure, for failure or success is in the realm of the world and that is relative and caused by past erroneous aryu collected from the past and now there needs to be focus on collecting new positive aryu in the present that will transform the mind eventually. What is important is to strive to correct errors and lead to correct understanding, feeling and action.