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Lesson 3, Level 1 Video Assignment Intro to SN short part 3b.mp4

List the important themes presented

• Recognition of Egyptian Yoga and how other cultures relate to the same practice
• Set – didn’t have a temple, Set represent the lower forces, which is not to be seen as negative and not to be considered as the devil. But as ego that come with ignorance.
• Meditation and the Trinity Amun Ra Ptah
• Dream world- it is possible to remain conscious in a dream state, which is a positive experience.
• Shetaut Neter teachings in relation to other teachings of spirituality

Explain what most impressed you the most in this presentation

What impressed me the most was the part about the dream world and also how the physical world we live in is a dream. I dream every day, sometimes I am aware am conscious and sometimes am not. Furthermore the part on (Set) representing the lower forces, this has helped me to not be so hard on myself and approach myself more with care.