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Lesson 3, Level 1 Reading Book Assignment Pages 23-34

Question 1
Who is Shetai?

Shetai is the hidden God Incomprehensive God, Mysterious One, and Secret One.

Topic 1
Yoga in Ancient Egypt? The term Shedy is the spiritual discipline or program to promote spiritual evolution that was used in Ancient Egypt.

Topic 2
What is Egyptian Yoga? The term Smai Taui or Mai Heru-Set are Ancient Egyptians words which are translated as Egyptian yoga.

Question 2
What is the path of nature and in light of that, how should a spiritual aspirant think about their spiritual path?

The path of nature is not an easy road it requires incarnations of repetitive suffering and pain, this process will eventually teach you to find abiding happiness in the world rather than in yourself. The aspirant must have an interest in advancing spirituality; the aspirant also has to be willing and ready to be free from the world of pain, sorrow and ignorance.

To conclude, in discovering this journey from within, the aspirant will be able to receive the right instructions from the guidance of a spiritual preceptor. The path of yoga has been known to be successful to discovering the self. The three key stages to yoga are listening, reflecting and meditating in a state of concentration on the divine.

Topic 3
The qualities of an aspirant? Aspirant must have the primary interest in advancing spiritually.

Question 3
What pushes the aspirant to become super normal?

Yoga pushes the aspirant to rise beyond the mental conditioning of what normal is.

Topic 4
Qualification of an aspirant? One who is ready to rise must have a positive frame of mind.