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Level 1, Leson 4, Reading Assignment , Pages 35-50

Why is keeping the company of wise important?
It is the most important way of promoting awareness and reflection. It is the primary way to accelerate spiritual development.

How should a spiritual aspirant think about good association and what actions should they take to insure they will receive and benefit from it?
It is the nature of the mind to imitate what it focuses on. A wise person or a spiritual preceptor will correct what the aspirant is doing incorrectly and clarify understanding of the teachings when the aspirant is misdirected by their own understanding. An Aspirant must become the best disciple they can while going about their daily life. Once an aspirant puts into motion their systical process they will meet teachers and sages along the way as they progress.

What food does the preceptor provide?
The preceptor provides the mental food in the form of the teachings.

When can you as an aspirant choose those disciplines, which suit your personality?
Once an aspirant learns the methods of correct spiritual discipline, they can choose the discipline that suits their personality.

Who is a teacher? (a) A teacher is one who lives the teaching.

Who is Sebai? An enlightened personality.

Where was the largest priesthood?
The Temples of the Gods Amun, Asar, Ra and Heru and the Temples of Goddesses Net, Aset and Hetheru.

The Role of a Teacher? The teacher makes him or herself conduit and an instrument for the Divine through which the Divine may enlighten other when they are ready.