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The key to finding that balance is continued shedy in general but also khnumt nefer or good association in particular, for that affords the opportunity to constantly modulate the understanding based on the current experiences of wisdom and feeling afforded by the teaching and actions in the world throughout life. Through this process the aspirant can adjust and adapt to varying levels of understanding about the practical versus the transcendental and how to negotiate the application of the higher knowledge to the world of time and space. Then doing the best they can to apply that teaching (not all efforts are always successful) the experiences combine with knowledge and care (devotional love) on the path leads to wisdom. Wisdom is an attainment of understanding based on gain from and application of knowledge and feeling to worldly experiences that allows the positive and higher aspects of the personality to be discovered and adopted while letting the unwise understandings and negative feelings behind so as to experience a higher order of life and being (Un) as one with the higher self.