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slide from Shedy Wisdom presentation showing aryu

slide from 2015 Shedy Wisdom presentation showing teaching of aryu in the Pert M Heru text of Ancient Kemet

Well said and very succinct. Aspiration or Heru, in the personality manifests as that awakening to the fact of the predicament that one is in, living by truths and standards of popular culture that are unhealthful or even vile, leads to degradation of the personality as well as untold sufferings through many lifetimes. Maturing as a human being means coming to a realization of the problem and how limited and degraded one’s life really is and developing the will to follow a different path. The starting out in that path may be gradual and sometimes one goes down a dead end street=t with religions or philosophies that are limited and do not instruct and practice the full program of religion and mystic philosophy as it was discovered by the sages of old, and then it is necessary to backtrack and follow a better course. The teaching of Maat offers many insights into the nature of mind and how aryu affects and effects the course and destiny of life in the physical and astral planes. Therefore, realizing the predicament and having faced one’s life squarely, means facing the errors of one’s actions based on ignorant belief systems that have led the personality in a Setian direction leading to Setian experiences (sufferings, disappointments, frustrations, loss, death and reincarnation. Then a resolve is born of the touch of sense in an intellect that is a little less clouded than before, this is s Djehuty within that tells your mind that this is wrong and there is a better way so let’s learn from the mistakes and seek out that better way. The seeking leads to greater intellectual capacity until that lucid intellect introduces mind to the ideal of the higher soul, Asar and when the personality agrees and devotes to that soul then the love and wisdom lead to intuitional realization (Aset) puts the remaining pieces together for understanding (Saa) that higher self. So it is in our hands when we are able to give birth to that aspiration and when to effect the realization and in that effort it is instructed to practice shedy and that transforms the aryu, eventually rendering the mind pure and intellect bright and feeling uncorrupted for intuition shining and goal achieved (Nehast).