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Very good, continue making your efforts at practicing the teaching to the best of your ability and gradually you will improve automatically as you partake more and more in the teaching. In the temple of Aset we are given the secrets of success, which are two: khak ab and antet begag. khak ab means growing dispassion born of wisdom and antet begag means perseverance. An aspirant who has these two features fully developed in the personality will have success in attaining the goal. So continue moving forward.
Indeed, on the issue of reincarnation there have been parapsychological studies that have positively and definitely discovered the existence of reincarnation. Here is a link to some modern day studies on the subject.

Nevertheless, this was known about in ancient times as we have outlined in the past and I have also spoken about this recvently in the Highlights of Shedy lecture series so be sure to review that as well.

The idea, however, is not to concentrate on past lives but to realize the truth of the process, then the task is to be free of the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. This is accomplished by the practice of shedy and again, khak ab and antet begag.