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Level 1, Leson 3, Video Assignment: Intro to SN short part 3b.

Important themes:
• Buddhism and East Indian Yoga have their roots in Ancienct Egyptian Yoga.
• Set represents the lower forces of the personality, the unnatural application of the lower forces represents the ego that has been influenced and taken over by ignorance. Set is not considered a negative god.
• There are different levels of meditation that reach different levels of the mind. As the aspirant progresses with their studies they will be trained in alignment with their progress and the Preceptor determines how an aspirant progresses.
• Shetaut Neter is a “whole” philosophy and one must be aware of one’s commitment and what one is committing to. There are other “religions” that mimic some parts of the philosophy and one should be aware of associating with those who follow other religions and choose their association carefully.
• Nehas is the goal, to reach that goal one must actually create a lifestyle the includes speech, actions and thought that are in alignment with Maat and one is judged by one’s deeds, not just the intellectual knowledge.

What impressed me most in this presentation?
To succeed in the goal of Nehast by following Shetaut Neter one must be aware of the truth of the philosophy and the commitment required. Ari/Karma that has brought you to study is not enough. It takes determination and the exercising of ones will power to stay the coarse until the goal is reached. Reflecting on the teachings in this video, I am very much aware of the events in my life this lifetime. The idea that I define my future by my actions today, very sobering.