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Shems Ua Netert

Level 1, Lesson #4 Book Assignment, pp. 35-50

1) Why is keeping the company of wise important?

• Since the mind naturally imitates what it is exposed to, keeping the company of the wise helps an aspirant develop spiritually.

2) How should a spiritual aspirant think about good association and what actions should they take to insure they will receive and benefit from it?

• A spiritual aspirant should think about good association as keeping company with wise teachers who will correct the aspirant’s misinterpretations, and influence the aspirant’s spiritual development in a positive way. When the aspirant is ready, the teachers will appear, so the aspirant should continue to push him/herself to develop spiritually in order to ensure they will receive and benefit from the company of the wise. This occurs through studying the teachings, and developing moral character and intuition.

3) What food does the preceptor provide?
• The food provided by the preceptor consists of the wisdom teachings.

4) When can you as the aspirant choose those disciplines which suit your personality?
• All four shedy disciplines must be practiced in an integrated fashion in order for nehast to occur.

5) Who is a Teacher? A) A teacher is one who lives the teaching

6) Who is Sebai?

• Sebai is a Preceptor, an enlightened personality that serves as a spiritual teacher.

7) Where was the largest priesthood?
• The largest priesthoods were in the Temples of Amun, Asar, Ra, Net, Aset, and Hetheru.

8) The role of a Teacher? The teacher makes him or herself _a conduit_____ an _instrument_____ for the Divine through which the _Divine may enlighten others when they are ready._________