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Funerary mask of Amenemope from the 21st Dynasty

“The wise person feeds the KA with what endures, so that it is happy with that person on earth. The wise is known by his or her wisdom. The great are known by their wisdom.”


Well done.
An important point to add is that the teaching of “keeping company with those of like mind” means associating with those who are wise, righteous, Godward mined and the like. It does not mean that one does not contact those who do not fit into that category, for, in the modern world we must be in contact with many elements of society. However, having contact is not the same as hanging out. If you have a coworker who is degraded you may be forced to have contact but you do not go out after work for drinks with that person (of course you do not go out for alcoholic drinks with anyone- you get the point). So this is not a culture where you only talk to those who are in it but on the other hand on the spiritual matters, the teaching and questions of initiatic nature you would not go talk to an uninitiated friend just as you would not go talk to a plumber to fix an electrical problem in your house! Doing Maat is keeping the balance and balance is not extremism or fanaticism but living a life of Maat and increasing development of the initiatic insight inevitably leads to strong concentration and following and the wisdom desire for higher experience (shemsu udja) and a move away from the illusory nature of worldly life. And that might be taken by the worldly as fanaticism from their perspective but an aspirant only need care about the determination of the preceptor, the scripture, fellow aspirants and their own inner sense. Of course, since following Shetaut Neter neither requires not asks aspirants to sequester themselves from the world, which is a hallmark of cults, Shetaut Neter can neither be considered a cult or a fundamentalist religion and in a sense this is what makes it harder to follow; fundamentalist religions and cults are easy since they ask absolute obedience, relinquishment of personal decision-making and sequestration from the general population all of which makes it easier for the mind to fall into deluded notions, extremist views and fundamentalist feelings that shut down the intellect and lead to atrophied mental capacity. Shetaut Neter is a mystic religion and philosophy that promotes balanced development of feeling and intellect leading to integration of the personality and wholistic elevation out of worldliness and into the realm of self-knowledge.