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I think you have done a good job in discerning what the philosophy of enlightenment is and how it is theoretically supposed to apply to the worldly existence of an enlightened personality: “Enlightenment is not an escape from the world but a way of being that transcends it.” This of course is easier said than done an in a way it is like telling someone who is swimming in the ocean “don’t be wet even as you swim”. The key is in the realization that what the swimmer things is water is not and if that were to be realized in fact and not just theoretically then the swimming could continue without any concern of wetness; therein lies the need for the teaching and the shedy practices for they facilitate the gradual understanding and higher experience and freedom from the illusions of life and this was the deeper message trying to be conveyed in this public talk.
Indeed, in a society guided by sages the order of priority would be different and leading individuals to more balanced development. As it is, a society wherein the Neterians are struggling to follow the teaching, without a physical temple that is open 24/7, without ongoing programs daily, etc. an aspirant needs to create and use all means at their disposal to create a balanced life and ordered daily spiritual practice focusing on quality first and quantity later. As we proceed with the program we will hopefully add some more resources to assist with this necessity.