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Level 1 lesson 3 Audio Assignment: The Remix Blog Talk radio Interview on Work on Philosophy

The main topics of this lesson came from the questions that were asked during the interview:
Why is it important to do the work?
What is “Egyptian” yoga? What is the distinction from yoga itself
What is creation? Who created creation? What is the purpose of creation?
How important is it to study the myth?
What practices are/were a part of ancient Kemetic culture?

Important Point
Seeing the world as an illusion, a fleeting one at that can lead to the desire to escape it. Enlightenment is not an escape from the world but a way of being that transcends it. The same state of being and peace that existed before creation also permeates creation itself and is within. Aligning one’s self with this state of peace is being. The only purpose of creation is being, Nuk Pu Nuk.

This state of being in supreme peace allows an enlightened personality to do the work in the world and remain in peace, doing the work then is a part of being…without identification of individual desires.
A myth teaches a society its values, relationship with nature, the way to see self in creation and to understand the purpose of creation. The myth of Ancient African societies leads to self-discovery and enlightenment by cultivating ethical conscience, proverbial wisdom, living by divine laws, and alignment/mastery of the lower and higher forces. A society living in such a way can go beyond the cultural and even the mythical teachings to enter the metaphysical. That society would have lived the ritual, the first level, and would have enough qualified teachers and preceptors to give the subtler aspects of the teachings to those who have disciplined themselves.

The goal of yoga is to unite the lower and higher self. Egyptian/Kemetic yoga does so using the iconographies and methods allowing access to a wealth of other tools for ethical purification practiced by these civilizations. Due to the fetters/ ariu we return with, ethical purification is necessary to accept fulfillment and remain in a state of peace.
Interpreters of the ancient scriptures who have not develop ethical conscience may miss or fail to convey this in their works.

This audio gave a glimpse of the mythical and metaphysical aspect of the teachings, the second and third level, but emphasized the first step is to purify, the ritual/material level. Culture is how the ritual is carried out, but to enlighten we must go beyond the exoteric expressions of culture.
“The work” allows this process of purification to continue, to restore our culture and history, to enlighten, to transcend.

Am I appying the teachings?
I am doing the rituals: meditaiton, studying the wisdom teachings, selfless service, devotion.
What needs work?
Doing the above consistently and informally. I have times when I may meditate for extended periods only or read books after books only. The practice becomes lopsided and I may have a difficult time integrating it into my informal life such as at work. Following this format(this course) helps a lot.