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UN that which exists - what is - the absolute“UN” – The Absolute


Indeed, one of the harder issues for an aspirant to reconcile is the issue of practical versus philosophical/transcendental reality. The former is apparent while the latter is conceptual; for this reason they are not to be confused though an aspirant must learn at first intellectually what the transcendent means and how it should affect the practical. This allows the personality to reshape the aryu so as to lead the personality to an experience of the transcendental even as the practical seems to continue. This issue points to the nature of “realities”; neither the practical nor the transcendental is abiding but merely a concept based on the effect of limited experience and intellectual capacity, for upon examination neither can be “real” as they are based on limited mental ideations sustained by egoistic and limited sensory perceptions. Nevertheless, these concepts when understood and lived in accordance with the precepts of the teaching lead to the absolute and actual experience which can neither be classified as a reality nor as a concept. Nevertheless, until that absolute is realized, the conceptual is used as a means to lead the ignorant mind to a state of wisdom at which time the conceptual is no longer needed.