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Level 1 Lesson 4 reading assignment

How should a spiritual aspirant think about good association should and what actions should they take to insure they will receive and benefit from it?

Good association for a spiritual aspirant should be thought of as keeping company with those of like mind. Keeping company with ones who are making the effort to cultivate and apply the principles morals and ethical teachings of Shetaut Neter. Or seek out a qualified Sage, Teacher or Sebai who can not only impart the teachings but give guidance and support along the way.
Keeping good associations alone will not aid in spiritual advancement one must get into the habit of listening, studying and meditating on the teachings. Then one must find ways of methodically implementing these teachings so that they may lead one away from ignorance of the divine and lead one towards the path of the Neter.

What food does the preceptor provide?
The preceptor provides the mental food needed to train and correct the mind and makes one fit and healthy for the mental and spiritual work that is to come.

When can you as the aspirant choose those disciplines which suite your personality?
You choose when you are ready and been introduced to the discipline.

Week 3 Topic#1
Who is a Teacher? (a) A true teacher is one who lives the teaching.

Who is Sebai?
The Sebai is a preceptor, spiritual teacher or an enlightened personality.

Where was the largest priesthood?
Temples of Amun, Asar, Ra Heru, Net, Aset & HetHeru had the largest

Topic #2 The role of a Teacher?
The teacher makes him or herself a conduit and an instrument for the Divine through which the Divine may enlighten others.