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Level 1 Lesson 4 video assignment

Important Themes:
• Two Truths, the practical and the transcendental
• Neteru are metaphor for understanding the self
• The Divine/God cannot exclude anyone or anything because of its all-encompassing nature.
• Even the Neteru will have to go before the scales of Maat
• Neteru are expressions, aspects or the various qualities of the Nebedjer
• We must try to look beyond the physical form to see the Neter in all things

What impressed me?
The two truths impressed me.
On one side there is the practical the surface layer where many of us dwell. Not yet ready, trained or prepared to transcend and go beyond the bounds of the physical, mental and dare I say the spiritual world. The other side there is liberation from time and space and beyond the finite world of mere mortal existence to a place of abiding peace and enlightenment.