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Maat“No one reaches the beneficent West (heaven) unless their heart is righteous by doing MAAT. There is no distinction made between the inferior and the superior person; it only matters that one is found faultless when the balances and the two weights stand before the Lord of Eternity. No one is free from the reckoning. Thoth, a baboon, holds the balances to count each one according to what they have done upon earth.”

Indeed, the public aspect of the Shetaut Neter temple included blogtalk classes and worships, conferences, intermittent programs that may be given throughout the year and also local group meetings that may be available. In this day and age with many of us scattered the technology can help bridge the gap and should be availed as much as possible. This program and the developments to enhance it that may be added in the future will enhance the shedy experience.

You have included some key statements in your post: first: “I notice that if I stay consistent in my practice and contentious in monitoring my actions, speech and thoughts to move in alignment with the practice, not only am I able to move past those obstacles more smoothly but the obstacles seem to not come as often.” The more knowledgeable you become about what is righteous and the more purity you gain through practice of the disciplines the more will you will have to be able to follow the dictates of your conscience so keep up the good work there.

On your statement: “the proof of the validity of the philosophy is the history of the culture of Ancient Egypt and its achievements.” Actually, the philosophy and history, architecture, etc. is merely an effect; the true proof of the teaching is experienced by a person who discovered their higher self and that is the real source of any and all glories of the teaching. The philosophy, the history of the culture of Ancient Egypt and its achievements are evidence of the greatness that was achieved but that is only a reflection of the actual greatness of enlightenment. Remember this teaching and direct yourself to the source by means of its effects and you will eventually arrive at the ultimate destination” and this is actually what you yourself alluded to in your last statement: “Intuitive wisdom and the knowledge of self.” The experience of enlightenment is an intuitive development and that is the ultimate “proof” of the truth of life after death, immortality, the existence of God, the idea that the ego is illusory and the world is like a dream, etc.