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I am pleased that you are so touched by the discourse on Maat. The balance scales of Maat relate to the three fates of the soul based on its capacity to follow righteousness in life. The myth of Sa-Asar gives further insight into the three fates. For more on the fate of the soul you can review the Myth of Sa-Asar. See the brief discussion on it from that presentation video above. This is a wonderful mythic wisdom teaching that I discussed at the 2013 Neterian Conference and previously; it is one of the key mythic teachings that provides the components of a full mythic wisdom teaching of Neterian wisdom and the complete path to Enlightenment.
I want to give more insight into what is mean by “unrighteous person.” The term unrighteousness should not be taken with a negative connotation as in bad or evil but rather as in error or incorrect, in other words “not right”. So a person can be in the wrong due to error, delusion, ignorance, etc. If there is willful ignorance and not wanting to or not having the capacity to face the truth and make changes then that is very degraded. If there is purposeful wrongdoing with intent and malice of forethought then we may refer to that person as seitan or demoniac but in reality, the deluded person acts unrighteous with intent to fulfill worldly desires. If the unrighteous person has no capacity to even recognize, have compassion, empathy, etc then we may refer to that personality as sociopathic or psychotic, people who have degraded (mentally deficient) personality such that they are incapable of feeling empathy or there is such degradation that the empathy and ethical conscience are blocked/atrophied such that they can only act in antisocial ways. Society needs to be protected from such personalities and such personalities should never be allowed to take positions of leadership in any area of society.
So being righteous means following truth and not just being in the right or following laws just because they are law. It is exercising judgment based on truth to the extent one understands it at present. Though if a higher aspect of truth is presented then the lower is to be left behind. In this way a teacher can teach to the level of the student and when the student is ready a higher teaching can be given. If there is holding on to the lower due to childishness, immaturity, ignorance, mental incapacity, etc, then that is unrighteousness and that person is not fit to be given higher knowledge.

As for your reflections on how the “negative thoughts to control me.” Indeed you are reflecting well and continue in this line and allow the understanding to flow and a new way of thinking to be engendered based on righteousness. And yes, use technology to promote facility in legitimate duties of life and don’t let it take over your life. So put the phone down when not needed and set limits. This is a righteous way of handling it.