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Section thumnail  Shedy of Action


Lecture series: Highlights – Essence of Shedy…




You discerned many important points in this presentation. Indeed the teaching of the “Weighing of the heart” in the balance scale of Maat is a fundamental wisdom of Neterian religion and philosophy and glorious as well as fascinating for it give specific insight into the nature of mind and the predicament of the human personality. As such it is crucial to the success of a spiritual aspirant to have clear and detailed insight into this philosophy and how to effect the desired changes in the mind that will lead to enlightenment -Nehast. I invite you –if you have not seen it already- to view the Highlights of Shedy” class currently going on weekly where there was another detailed explanation in which you may receive some further nuances of understanding. Additionally at this site you can also find the original presentation given at the 2014 Neterian Conference.