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Level 1, Leson 2, Video Assignment: Intro to SN short part 2b.

Important themes:

• Devotional Worship: (1) Public worship in a temple lead by a priest or priestess (since a temple is not available to me, the Devotional Worship program on blog talk radio is); (2) Private worship in your home (set up an area in my home to practice.

• Judgment of Maat: As Sabai Maa discussed the different levels I realized that we are accountable for what happens to us. We have been given a formula to follow the guidelines by the 42 Precepts of Maat and if we reflect on them and gain an intuitive wisdom by applying them to our lives we will reach our goal. However, if the ultimate goal is not reached this lifetime we continue to move forward as we reincarnate in successive lifetimes. I see this as a steady path always moving forward, at times taking a step back, however, after that backward step if wisdom is gained from it, it is still considered moving forward.

• On a practical level applying the precepts wil help us to lead a life of righteousness, however, the most important part as we achieve this is becoming in alignment in nature. I have been watching and observing as my day goes and also as I progress in my practice. Although obstacles arise, I notice that if I stay consistent in my practice and contentious in monitoring my actins, speech and thoughts to move in alignment with the practice, not only am I able to move past those obstacles more smoothly but the obstacles seem to not come as often.

• Learning how to think: It is clear to me from years of experience that how I think about life and my “philosophy” before finding Shetaut Neter was not making me happy. I was concerned even after starting the program how I would learn to think and reason properly. Knowing that my preceptor will not only set an example but also assist me in learning the right way to reason and think has alleviated my concerns. I thought I would have to make a leap of faith, however, the proof of the validity of the philosophy is the history of the culture of Ancient Egypt and its achievements.

• Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom.. As we learn the teaching, become one with it and apply it to our lives, as well as purifying our minds, we will learn the ultimate wisdom, which is Intuitive wisdom and the knowledge of self.