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Goddess Maat Daughter of Ra

• Udja

• in this post there has been a strong emphasis on ethical conscience and wisdom; These are areas that are of paramount importance especially in the beginning process of initiatic life; for without Maat there can be no order or peace in life and there will be the reverse instead. So Maat studies are important on the spiritual path. And rightly you have emphasized this in your post so keep up your efforts and steady movement towards improving and adding to your spiritual life.

On your statement: “Bringing facts of life in African and human history that have been stunted and atrophied.” This is key to understanding what the correct histories are and the correct values that should be upheld. However, facts are only half of the equation of spiritual formula Wisdom + Devotion = Divine Revelation. So the feelings and emotions also need to be cultivated. All are invited to read the Feedback on the topic of emotions and feelings located in the General Discussion Forum.