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This reference is from our reading.

This excerpt is from our reading authored by Seba Maa. Everything in quotes is directly from Seba Maa’s Book Initiation into Egyptian Yoga.

“From the perspective of yoga philosophy, much of the accepted “normal” behavior is
really insane behavior which has been accepted as “normal.” For example, it is accepted as “normal” to gossip, to use
profanity, to become angry at others, up to a point. It is all right to scream at someone, but if you hit them then you
could be sued. When that point is crossed, then measures are taken by society in an attempt to curb such behavior. In
this sense, the mind of the ordinary human being is conditioned by what society promotes and what the desires and
thoughts in the mind compel the person to do. From this perspective of what most people have come to know and for
the most part, accept as “normal” human behavior, yoga pushes the aspirant to become “super normal.”