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Lesson 2, Level 1 Video Assignment Intro to SN short part 2.mp4

List the important themes presented

• The Basic observances of Shemsu
• Different types of meditation that are practiced – I practice private meditation
• Discussion on Light Meditation
• Maat Philosophy
• Disciplines of Postures
• The importance pf integral Practice
• Wisdom

Explain what most impressed you the most in this presentation

Maat Philosophy touched me, especially when stated if your heart is heavier than Maat. This means your heart is full of worry, desire etc. Furthermore it was stated, this means you are an unrighteous person and you will suffer for your delusion. I connected with this part of the clip as I know this to be true about myself. I do worry a lot and desire “aryu”. I can see how I suffer on a mental and emotional level from these delusions I have applied to myself and how it affects me. They don’t serve me at all but I continue to desire. I wouldn’t have considered myself an unrighteous person. But I see the truth in the teachings. I clearly see how the teachings will lead me to fulfillment and an authentic spiritual path.

The next part that impressed me was, when Sebai MAA explained about, aspirants learning how to act, think, feel and reason like the chosen preceptor, followed by surrendering to the teachings. When I was listening to this part of the presentation, i remembered i had a dream, which i will share. After I sent the application form for the Egyptian Mysteries I had a dream, but I was awake also. I heard a voice say Sekhmet and I then began to feel a strong and powerful energy flow through me. In the dream I was walking like I was a goddess my posture was straight and I felt like royalty. I really can’t put words on the experience, but straight away I connected to what Sebai MAA was saying.

To conclude, I really appreciated the part on wisdom teaching, and how the teachings allows you to develop and purify your intellect so you can reach that level of intuitional over standing. This is occurred through a three step process
1. Listening
2. Reflection
3. Meditation
From since a young age I have been in tune and aware of my intuitive self. I have experienced many paths to help and guide me. I am sometimes aware when my intellect gets involved with my intuition and I start over analyzing myself and focus on the negative. The more I study and practice the teachings the more aware I become of how I allow my negative thoughts to control me. Recently my phone has stop working and I’ve had to take it to get repaired. I am learning again about detachment and letting go of things. I use my phone for practically everything. I have been frustrated felt alone and isolated. But also I have become aware of the positives. I’ve not needed my alarm to wake me up. I’m not gossiping any more. I have more energy to organize my home, children and find time to study and meditate. I get my phone back tomorrow and have made a conscious decision to leave it of till Monday, to continue working through my desires and detachment issues that have been presented to me.

In knowing that the teachings will help me to have a deeper over standing, of my intuition, am extremely grateful, I am aware this will take time and patience. I am happy I followed my intuition to study the Shetaut Neter teachings. I feel like I am remembering and beginning to find the missing piece to myself.