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The four great truths impressed upon me some key aspects of Shedy. Bringing clarity and focus.

UaUa: One one. There is only one supreme divinity that encompasses all. This is the divine supreme intelligence, the dot in the center of the circle from which all others emanate. Not a spook floating around in the sky and no horned being waiting in the bowels of Geb waiting to stick me with a fork. I must make a serious and continuous effort to experience Nehast.

Ignorance of the divine give way to the unmaatian aspect of the ego and blinds me to the light of the Neter.

As I continue and maintain devotion to the divine and keep the principles of Maat i will elevate my Setian nature and unite it with the higher self. Causing me to become more and more aware as I move closer to Nehast.

Shedy leads to knowing the self and activates the 5th chakra making one true of speech.