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Important themes Level 1 Lesson 3 video assignment

.Maat Philosophy is to be practiced daily.
.Practical and Metaphysical aspects.
.Shedy means to uncover the mysteries.
.Our actions leave residue on the soul even after death.
.Akhu means and enlightened being.
.Devotion to the divine 3 times a day based on the position of KhepRa, Ra & Tem.
.Neteru are a support system.
.Symbols aid in comprehending the abstract.
.Enlightenment can be attained either by the Religious, Yogic or Integral path.
.A preceptor is needed in order for an aspirant or initiate to advance in spiritual teachings.

What impressed me most?

I was most impressed by Weighing of the heart explanation.
What impressed me with the weighing of the heart is the three different levels of the judgement based on how well we lived based on Maat. I always thought it was either level with the feather or heavier. Didn’t know the ab could be lighter than the feather.