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Level 1 Lesson 3 Audio Assignment

What are the main teachings?
Bringing facts of life in African and human history that have been stunted and atrophied.
Innate African values, ethics, morals and cultural awareness have been forgotten.
Reconstruction of African Cultural and values to elevate lower self.
Creation brought into being and sustained by divine intelligence.
Creation of the physical world is not an absolute reality.
Created to experience being and to transcend the worldly desires.
A proper Myth aids in self-discovery and move one away from self-destructive behavior.
Principles of myth must be understood and lived.
Deeper meaning of myth is about self.
Training in Ethical consciousness and purification help one to attain Nehast.
Ethical consciousness helps to gain access and mastery of higher levels via Aset and the world via Nebethet.

Am I currently implementing teaching?
Yes I am implementing some of them.

Which one?
I study African history and culture and use African morals and ethics to live by.

If not how will you do so?
The other teachings will take time to integrate into my being as I become maintain my studies via Shetaut Neter.