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Udja spelled out copy


hetep (peace)



The syntax and protocol of using “Udja” and “Hetep” in conversations evolved out of a spiritual practice of maintaining decorum in conversation along with relating and maintenance of the Neterian spiritual conscience in communications. Udja, among other things, means greetings from a most benign and joyous perspective; as if extending glory and well-wishing to the one greeted. This establishes the tone of communications and even before we start it sets a spiritual tone which will help to bring the thoughts, ideas and feelings of the speaker out in the most peaceful, constructive and caring manner as possible. Then to conclude the message the signature is preceded with HETEP which means among other things supreme peace. By applying this protocol and before signing the message hetep is a final check on what has been said. Does the message mean well and does it come from the best part of me to thee? Will this message promote peace and heal any wounds or will it promote chaos or delusion? Is this message worthy of being preceded with Udja and is it worthy to be sent in a spirit of Hetep?

When this protocol of communications is used, it helps the speaker train the personality to be in the space of udja and hetep and it helps the receiver look forward to, celebrate and bask in the positivity and peacefulness of the message as a welcome missive sure to add glory to the day, warmth of the heart to carry one the challenges of life and good feeling to pass on to the next receiver; in a community of support, peace and communal spiritual evolution.