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Goddess Aset-not sure
“They who have received some portion of God’s gift, these, if judged by their deeds, have from death’s bond won their release; for they embrace in their own Mind, all things, things on the earth, things in the heaven, and things above the heaven – if there be aught. They who do not understand, because they possess the aid of reason only and not Mind, are ignorant wherefore they have come into being and whereby, like irrational creatures, their makeup is in their feelings and their impulses, they fail in all appreciation of things which really are worth contemplation. These center all their thought upon the pleasures of the body and its appetites.”


Emotions are what is put out or expressed by the personality; It is what we see of how a person expresses in the world, tone of voice, mannerisms, eyes/looks, volume, etc. and is how most people discern how others around them are “feeling”. Feelings are subconscious tendencies of the personality based on the sum total of aryu as relates to the particular situation, object or desire that is being experienced based on the external stimulation from the world.

The stimulation resonates with the unconscious aryu and that stimulation stirs up the sum total of how a person relates to that stimulation and that expresses or emotes in the conscious waking personality.

aryu is the precursor that gives rise to feelings and feelings give rise to emotions. So to change the personality and its way of emoting it is not enough to say I am going to suppress my anger or desires; it is necessary to change the aryu; which is the same as not just changing but transforming the personality. THis is the difference between a person that changes but then falls back into old patterns and a person who transforms; the transformation is profound and permanent.
Feelings operate at a deeper level of the personality, closer to the soul, and thereby are more powerful than the intellect, which operates further out in the Astral body. This is why advertisers and mind control experts seek to control people through evoking feelings and it is also why intellectual appeals work less often than emotional appeals and why people follow and make decisions more based on feelings than on intellect. This is also why many people do things and later say they could not help themselves; they were overwhelmed by negative aryu that blossomed into a storm of feelings and emotions that temporarily clouded and overpowered the intellect and led to actions later regretted. An aspirant should strive to be the opposite and in so doing becomes day that leads to enlightenment when the ignorant are slaves to the nighttime of feelings and emotions that lead to the darkness of ignorance and the suffering of reincarnation. More can be said on this topic and more will be said…