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“The laws of God are the first thing the seeker will find on the way to the truth.”


Thoughtful post reflections on a in depth recording. The important messages received from this class were well discerned. Prominent among them are the idea that ideally we as followers of the Neterian spiritual tradition are to work towards developing ethical conscience in ourselves and also in society; not just so that there will be peace in the world or at least our neighborhood but also so that we may have sufficient peace to allow us to calm the ever clamoring issues of the personality and open a way for ourselves to attain higher consciousness. There can be no enlightenment without peace and we are not speaking of absolute peace but a modicum of peace sufficient to allow the mind space and time for reflection and meditation. The work of finding or making peace is the informal meditative process. The finding and experiencing peace is the formal. Mythic wisdom facilitates peace as opposed to a society whose societal philosophy is based on greed, which will end in booms followed by busts and the next one that is coming will be greater than the last and that means strife, mental unrest and no peace.

As to your statement: “My understanding is that creation at a mythic level conveys that the body is vehicle for the soul to have a higher experience of the nature of being. At a metaphysical level, the mind is trained to experience the creator and creation as one in the same.” Indeed, this understanding is correct for now, this may be thought of as Neberdjer, and as you reveal more of this reflection and progress in the training there is still Nehast and Neter an ren to be discovered. Your particular ”life tests” are specifically designed by you for you and if you apply the regimen of the wisdom philosophy to it what you have created eventually fades and happily so will the idea of them being your tests.
A little cryptic feedback perhaps but in time it will hopefully make more sense.