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“Om Amun Ra Ptah” Painting by Sebai MAA


Well, this has been an extensive and very thorough posting. One of the wonderful features of this classroom setup is that it allows all students to read the new postings and rehear the teaching that they also learned and also they may receive new comments and gain new insights even from the same assignment so this is an important feature that all aspirants in this program should keep in mind. The reiteration of the points helps all to keep the basic elements of the teaching foremost in mind as opposed to things leaned that are quickly forgotten even as people say oh I heard that last week so I know that and I don’t need to read or hear that again. That is a big mistake; an avid aspirant would want to seek out any opportunity to rehear the teaching especially when it is being reiterated for there are variations and nuances that come out.

Now, on the issue of the Great Trinity, indeed, where you have stated as “I gathered that…” definitely you have gathered rightly. One point is that all one needs to do is knock out one leg of the tripod or three legged stool and the whole illusion falls down!