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Meditation Ancinet Egyptian Path


You have discerned many salient teachings from the recording and all would do well to review these as they move through other advancing assignments for there are many fundamental principles here that apply throughout the life of a Neterian spiritual aspirant.

Certainly the food we put in affects the capacity for mental calm and of course the food is not only physical but also mental and spiritual and most people try to put in better physical and mental food but neglect the spiritual. The spiritual food is meditative silence, withdrawal of senses and best is complete removal from time and space and absorption in spirit.

Your statement “Adjusting my lifestyle to open up more time for the practice.” Is on point as the invention of the western concept of work ethic coupled with the capitalistic ideal of working to achieve material goals are a combination for engaging the personality in an ultimately fruitless pursuit of an illusory end and in the meantime there is day to day concentration on worldly thoughts and feelings that crowds out the capacity to discover and experience the higher self and reinforces the egoistic nature (Set). Therefore it is right to do a job or career to the extent needed to sustain life but then it is enjoined to take time for spiritual endeavors as you have stated.